Photography is my motivation to explore the world around me, fuel my senses and enrich my soul. It is ultimately a discovery of self. Whether I am up to my knees in mud in the rainforest, surrounded by dancing revellers during a Peruvian festival, or hiking through the fynbos, my goal is to capture moments which allow you, the viewer, to experience some part of the essence of what is portrayed. The power of imagery can be used to encourage an understanding of the way we relate to the world around us and instil a sense of wonder. It is this sense of wonder and the action it engenders that is my ultimate goal.

I use the creative power of photography to portray the power of creation all around us. Whether it is nature in all its glory, cultural richness, archaeological heritage or the simple act of communication, all represent the power of creation. Through photography I endeavour to break the barrier between the mechanical and the spiritual, using one of our most powerful senses, vision, to stimulate the imagination.

My hope is that through photography I can help towards an understanding of the need for the recognition and conservation of biological and cultural diversity.

Michael Langford

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